FCS Fusion Fin Boxes / Tri/Quad

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FCS Fusion fin boxes are the strongest and easiest fin box to install for twin tab FCS fins. The figure 8 shape spreads provides a stable footprint for optimal strength at the base of the fin and the high density foam-to-foam installation bond ensures the best performance from your fins. 

Fusion was developed primarily for EPS/Epoxy surfboards; however the system can be just as easily applied to PU/Poly construction surfboards.

FCS Fusion was designed be installed into the foam before laminating but if you're doing a color pigment lamination it is recommend to route the pocket through the colored fiberglass and cap the boxes with a piece of clear 4 oz fiberglass cloth, then sealcoat the board. The reason to install this way is so you can see the fin boxes and precisely sand the tabs open to keep a clean look.

Choose Your Fin Cant:

  • 5 degree box cant (grey tabs) recommended for back fins in quad set up
  • 9 degree box cant (orange tabs) recommended for front fins in quad and tri set up
  • 0 degree box cant (white tabs) needed for center fin in tri or 5 fin set up