Hand-Shaped Surfboard

All of our surfboards are 100% handshaped and ecoboard certified. 
Costs start at $500 USD + $60 per foot of board over 5 feet.
Prices on SUP's, softboards, skimboards, and bodyboards may vary.
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Rocket Stubb
A quick, agile, and versatile fish board. Deep single to double concave, with quad fin set up recommended. Designed initially for getting around broken sections on mushy days. Good for almost everything under 6 foot.
Designed to have a classic fish-board feel with a modern twist. Slight single to double concave with twin fin set up recommended. Wide point just ahead of center with relatively straight outline. A Sunday cruise kind of ride with a little bit of Saturday fight flare.
A classy design made with bigger hollow waves in mind, it's a combinations of your step-up board and a classic egg. With more width under your chest than a typical big wave short board this board catches and paddles like a breeze, yet maintains a straight and narrowing foil to keep up with heavy waves. A nice slow dome on the deck blends into thinner lower rails. The bottom contours reveal a generous concave blending into 1/8th inch deep quad channels. This board will work with any fin set up, depending on your waves. When made shorter, it works as a fun alternative to you everyday shortboard.
Cork Soft-top
Cork Soft tops are a great alternative to your classic EVA soft tops, and are available on most models. We hand-make our cork softies out of recycled foam cores and add a durable fiberglass bottom, making for a eco friendlier soft top with better performance!
The Fiancé
Elegant, sleek, and refine. The Fiance is at it's core a petite high performance noserider with a narrower tail. This means that The Fiance does best in more powerful surf, and doesn't like the mushy days. With a concaved nose, nice belly, and strong veed tail (with pinched 50/50 rails throughout) The Fiance gives you the control you need to catch and release whatever bits and pieces of the wave you want.
To place an order or get more info please contact us below!