We're stoked to announce the development

of our new


We are collective of people, and businesses coming together
to make a positive impact on youth and communities, 
through the mission of shaping boards, shaping lives!
You can join the movement too!
Membership starts at only $1 per month!
Becoming a member not only supports
youth and community development through surfing and shaping,
but comes with a lot perks for members,
like free gear, discounts, access to surf trips and more!!
Our Membership program is currently being developed,
but we are pre-launching our Bronze Memberships!
For a limited time,
we are including a FREE UPGRADE to our
Unlimited Membership if you 
sign up NOW for our Bronze Memberships!
What's Included:
Free Merch
Exclusive Content
Discounted Gear
Discounted Surfboards
Special Offers
Community Groups
Surf Trips
Access to Shaping Lessons
Access to Shaping Facilities
Exclusive Surf/board Building Content