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The Wanderer is designed for the more advanced surfer in hollower head- over head surf.

Original Dims: 6'1" x 20-1/4" x 2-1/4"

This board fit in with others in the modern twin phenomena with a wider template than a typical shortboard, a perfectly centered wide-point, wider nose, and solid pin/round tail, with a deep single concave mid-board going into 4 channels out the back of a veed tail.

The rails on this board are hard, low, and pinched, with a hard edge in the nose to increase planing and lift; low and pinched throughout mid-section, and full and hard edged in the back third. 

This a great board for a more advanced surfer created to handle bigger waves with balancing drive and hold.

Intended to be surfed at your about your height + a couple inches in good surf, or + several inches for heavy surf. You can also ride it your height or shorter to make it a super fun small wave/all-around shortboard!  Recommended as twin or tri-fin.

Hand-Shaped Surfboards

All of our surfboards are 100% handshaped and ecoboard certified. 
Costs start at $500 USD + $60 per foot of board over 5 feet.

Prices on SUP's, softboards, skimboards, and bodyboards may vary.

100% hand made and Ecoboard Certified by Sustainble Surf we make our boards from 100% upcycled/recycled EPS, with 30% plant-based Bio-Resins, sourced in the USA. PU/PE boards and other special requests may require additional wait time.

To place a custom order contact us to start the conversation.

You can also follow through with an online purchase. Online purchases secure your board and a quicker wait time. Custom surfboard prices are a deposit only, we will contact you to clarify details, start your board, and once finished we will send you a final invoice for the remainder of your payment. Once your board is paid for you can come pick it up or we'll get it sent out to you!